How does it work?

It’s simple

3 Steps of Becoming Pioneer Agent

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Steps of being Pioneer Agent

  1. Register as a normal member
    Register here
  2. Copy your referral link below and share it to 50 friends or family to register.Your referral link can be found under
    Member > My Account > Affiliate > Marketing Link > Affiliate Links > Your Referral Link
    Note that only registered user are counted valid.
  3.  Once you have reached 50 referral, your account will automatically become our pioneer agent. (gold rank)


What so good about it?

Benefits Of Pioneer Agent

  1. Pioneer agent will be automatically set as “Gold” tier. Which is the highest current tier, after Silver.

    Difference of Membership

    Benefit Silver Gold
    Commission 3% 5%
    Earning per referral RM3 RM4
  2. Rebates are given on your monthly total purchases. A total of RM1000 rebate quota is given and renewed by monthly basis.The rates of rebate are as such as below
    Total spending (monthly) Rebate
    Below RM2000 2%
    Below RM5000 3%
    Up to RM10000 5%

    Do note that rebates are manually given based on your monthly purchases with a maximum of RM1500 rebate monthly.

  3. No initial fees are required, prior agent membership fees such as 20000 points or RM200 are voided.

Terms and Condition

Things you should know


  1. This offer will be ended automatically when a total of 20 pioneer agent are reached.
  2. Any free offers provided to pioneers based on “benefit 2” are subjected to availability and stock.
  3. Commission on any ranking might change by a small margin from time to time based on market speculations and trials.
  4. Rebates are given by manual
  5. Information provided in the infographic might not reflect your previous viewing and changes without notice.
  6. Requirement or Benefit of pioneer agents might have slight changes before or after 20 pioneer slots are filled. If you are already a pioneer before changes, you will maintain your pioneer membership