Reward180 is giving extra points for first 50 Users!

once we reach 50 users, registration are closed.

What is this about?

FIRST 50 Registered Members will get free 500 points and get free telco credit.

What can I get Free Telco

From our scratch cards  below and get up to RM50 of Free Telco credits. You will need 100 points to play, register and get 500 points for free.

How to Scratch

Just press “Play” on the card on right side.

If you do not have enough points, the “Play” wont show.

There are total of RM5000 worth of Telco Credit to win here.

Please login to play this game


You can collect it for other of redeemable rewards here

Where can i get even more points

How to get more point

Below are other tasks can be done to obtain points.

Task Point Limit (attempts)
First Registration (event period) 500
Daily login 50
Daily Visit 50 per day
Comment 50 twice per day
Review 50 per product
Referrals register 1000 10/day
Referrals visit 10 30/day

How many max point you can get in a day

To give you a rough idea, if you attempt all task below in a day, you will get

  • total of 10500 points = RM 105 daily
  • RM3150 worth of Points  in a month
  • Equals to a Huawei Mate 20 Pro in our redeemable gift list.


You could collect 20000 points and become our agent. When you are an agent, you can earn up to RM3150 in Real cash month instead! Know more below

Share to get even more Points !

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The more friends you have, the more points you get

Number of Friend Point
Below 500 100
2000+ 500
4000+ 1000
Maximum Limit 1500

Once you shared your post, fill in the form below to allow us to confirm your share.

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Terms and Condition

  1. This campaign will last until 31 of March or when user registered exceed 50 users, whichever comes first.
  2. Reward180 reserves the right to change the terms and condition without any notice
  3. Reward180 might use your information for promotional purposes such as email marketing, however will not share or use your information provided for any malicious or unethical intentions
  4. All content in this post might change from time to time for re-adjustment. All content you see now might not reflect on later.